SWIFT Tip! codes are essential for routing international transfer orders. Tip! Swift.com is the only official provider of SWIFT codes but it offers a rigid and clunky search form. Our database is not a substitute of the SWIFT one but it may help you find what you need faster. Then you can validate you code with Swift.com

Do not rely ONLY on the information on this site for your transactions and the management of your bank accounts. You must check the accuracy and validity of the SWIFT codes and all other information with your bank and with the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication at all times.

SWIFT codes are made of blocks of numbers with this structure: BBBBCCLL where the four first characters, BBBB, correspond to the bank code, the next 2, CC, to the country identification, the next 2 characters, LL, the location id and the last 3 characters, XXX, the branch code