Infographic about the SWIFT registrar

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication is the official registrar of the BIC or SWIFT codes that are usually required to route international transfers between banks.

The infographic below is about the history, scope and current operations of the SWIFT in numbers.

SWIFT institution in numbers

Infographic transcript

1headquarter near Brussels, Belgium
20offices in the world's major financial markets

1950International banking transactions based on paper-based clerical handling procedures
1960Competing computerised systems to exchange of messages between banks and countries
1973Foundation of SWIFT by 239 banks from 15 countries
1977the messaging system clicked into life. Six months later, membership had more than doubled to 518 banks.
1980De-facto messaging service for the global banking industry
1987opened up to non-bank financial institutions such as securities firms, fund managers and since
2000opened up to banks' corporate customers
20139,300+ users in 209 countries. Customers exchange more than 15 million messages daily.

1National Bank of Belgium (NBB)
10G- 10 central banks
25Board members' country representatives
2,300Shareholding members
9,300Users: banks, broker-dealers, payments providers, securities depositories, stock exchanges and platforms

Network usage
15,000,000messages daily
99.999%system availability

Source: SWIFT for media July 2010 at

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